Supply Chain Policy

Tardigrade Trading FZE believes it is essential to establish validated, conflict free sources of the 3T minerals, so that these can be procured in a way that contributes to the economic growth of the regions. We are passionate about creating responsible mineral supply chains that avoid contributing to conflict, human rights abuses, or other risks.

We are Full Participating Members of the iTSCi Membership Programme so we completely eliminate all conflict material and metals from the supply. We support the search for sustainable solution to the problem of conflict minerals on the basis of cooperation and monitoring of minerals and transparency of global supply chain.

The ITSCI Programme for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains is an award-winning multi-stakeholder programme providing a traceability scheme which helps companies conform with OECD Due Diligence guidelines and assists them in complying with the requirements of the Dodd Frank Act.

5-Step Framework: Established strong company management system; Identified and assessed risk in the supply chain; Designed and implemented a strategy to respond to identified risks; Carry out independent third-party audit of supply chain due diligence at identified points in the supply chain; Report on supply chain due diligence.

We currently trading tantalum and tungsten minerals which come mostly from the Rwanda. All those concentrates purchased by our company will be obtained using iTSCi scheme and, therefore, in accordance with internationally recognized due diligence guidance. We have provided all relevant information to personnel of our company to know about U.S. law, Frank Dodd, as well as the due diligence guidance of the OECD and the UN. We will take all reasonable steps to comply with all applicable regulations or guidance. All of our contracts will have specific paragraph relating to due diligence.

We purchase materials only from reputable suppliers, with whom relations have long been established or for whom adequate due diligence on the supplier known the protocols can be implemented. Deliveries can be either tin ore (concentrate), tin metal, tantalum concentrates or wolframite concentrates. We use supply chain traceability schemes such as the iTSCi tagging scheme to help ensure transparency.

Tardigrade Trading FZE policy to differentiate itself by offering its customers and trading partners of the conflict free metals and products, so that the end user in the supply chain can be sure their products are made from metals that are conflict free. We have a risk management strategy as defined by OECD Guidance and track the performance of risk mitigation. This strategy includes suspending or discontinuing supplies in the event that unacceptable practices are identified.


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